Ohio Stoic Homes Case Study

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Company Identity Creations
Systems Built
Leads generated in 2 months

The Goal

Maxwell S. Endres came to us with the goal of their company identity creation, CRM Organization, custom system creation, and lead generation campaigns. With proper expectation set, our team got to work on creating what our client had envisioned. With poor lead generation, our team also built a proper lead generation campaign, with a system that enforced a tailored lead nurturing process.


Our Solutions

What We Did:
  • Company Identity Creation
  • CRM & Custom System Creation
  • Marketing Strategy
We created their whole company identity from website and logo, to offers and systems. We provided multiple rough drafts that gave our client enough options to choose exactly what they were looking for. After their company identity was created, we provided guidance toward their marketing campaign with the main focus on lead generation, and proper lead nurturing to keep their leads engaged.

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