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The Goal

They develop cosmetics to help people with eczema live healthy painless lifestyles. 

They’ve also sold to over hundreds of consumers in their community.
It was important for them to work with a partner who understood how to effectively speak to their customer-base and who could deliver results Despite having a moderately-sized in-house team, they struggled to find a strong media buyer they could trust to test complex funnel strategies and get their sales off the ground.

Everything that they spent in advertising before working with us was by utilizing post-boosts. They didn’t have a process of advertising and had only spent 5k in 2020 without knowing how many sales they were generating.

Our Solutions

Services Delivered

    • Facebook Ads Copy & Creatives
    • Facebook Ads Build
    • Facebook Ads Management


Added the server-side tracking (Facebook API) to improve data matching quality, refinement of the ad strategy and usage of the correct campaign optimization event since they’re using Traffic and getting non-buyer leads.

As expected, after some tests with their new ad strategy and tracking, the cost per conversion dropped from as high as $48.23 to $10.86 in some cases.

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