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Homeville is a  simple, hassle-free solution to selling your home? Their cash offer is more than just fast money. They make it easy for you to get out of the tedious house-showing and open-house routine. Plus, you can take up to 60 days to close! 

Not only do they offer a quick closing period – they also handle all the details for you. We’ll even throw in a free local move when you’re ready! Now that’s something worth smiling about! 

The Crypto Trading Room is a company designed to help the whole Web 3 space in every area, from investors and traders to marketers and developers. They use a large database and library of all types of blockchain projects and marketers ranked and priced at all different ranges. The Crypto Trading Room is going to change the Web 3 game by giving everybody the access to and library of information, and accessibilities they need to be successful within the blockchain space!

We, at Victory Hangers, want to offer a second chance to live to the medals of champions all around the world. As simple as it may seem, we guarantee that seeing your medals shining with dignity on your medal display every day, will give you a sense of fulfillment, will fill you up with positive energy, and strong emotions, and will keep you motivated to reach your future goals.

By this, we want to help athletes and intellectuals keep track of their achievements and stay focused on their future goals. 
Our medal hangers and medal displays are more than simple stands, they help you, the winner, create a place of honor for your medals so that you can celebrate your victories every day.


As a Co-Founder of Blue Pillar Marketing, we have strived to become a marketing agency that does right by their customer. Within 2 months our team was able to generate 31+ calls every month for our clients. 

The way our team delivered this was by marketing research and identifying our target audience. We then pushed email marketing, google AdWords, LinkedIn outreach, and brand awareness campaigns 

Ohio Stoic Home is a real estate-driven company that focuses on assisting sellers to reach cash buyers at their agreed-upon property price and assisting Buyers to find quality off-market investment properties quickly before other investors are able to purchase the property.

I assisted Stoic Homes by building a professional and properly functional website that is able to capture and build buyer lists. I also created a 23-page consulting checklist that helped guide their marketing efforts further than what they have seen before.

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No more boring posts! Time to produce content that reaches your audience and builds a long-lasting community. 

Branding is everything! Having pieces of content to represent your business is the number 1 factor to increase your customer base!

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