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A Few Of Our Case Studies

About CJ Marketing

My name is Christian James, I am the owner of CJ Marketing. With over 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Development, Media Buying, Strategic Marketing, and much more within 50 different industries I have created a passion for scaling businesses and psychology within a successful marketing campaign. Early in my career, I helped small businesses scale in many different directions to reach the goals they set for their marketing. As I helped more and more companies reach their goals, I decided to build CJ Marketing to handle the scalability I created for my own brand, and for me to help more businesses reach their goals!

I believe what works for one person will not work for someone else. This is why I always create a personalized and tailored marketing strategy for each and every client that I manage to ensure the results they are looking for!

Our Services

Website Development

Your company website is your customers' first expression when they review your company. I will develop a professional and functional website tailored to your business. Bring your website to life with CJ Marketing Design Touch!

Lead Generation

CJ Marketing will generate genuine business interest in your products and services. We then convert this interest into leads, calls, and qualified appointments that will convert into new business revenue. Leads are the food for your business.

Design/ Video Creation

No more boring posts! Time to produce content that reaches your audience and builds a long-lasting community. We create content that grabs your viewer’s attention. Our content makes your viewers interact with you and remember your business.

Social Media Marketing

Your social media presence needs to work with your business, not against it. Our team of creators and marketers can fill your social media calendar multiple times a day with gorgeous content, while our marketers push extensive marketing plans to help your social reach beyond your expectation today!

Marketing Advisor/Teaching

Hiring a marketing agency to handle all of your marketing efforts can be very costly. With over 5 years of marketing experience, allow me to teach you and your team proper marketing tailored towards your company and goals that will bring in results! I will also Deliver a 20-30 page document outlining an actionable step-by-step marketing strategy.

Google My Business/SEO

Everybody is always searching on google for where they want to go, or what they need. If your business is not the first one showing up on google search you are losing a massive amount of customers. Allow me to put your google business at the top of search results with proper functionality that makes your customer's experience better

Our Recent Portfolio

Blue Pillar Marketing Case Study

As a Co-Founder of Blue Pillar Marketing, we have strived to become a marketing agency that does right by their customer. Within 2 months our team was able to generate 31+ calls every month for our clients. 

The way our team delivered this was by marketing research and identifying our target audience. We then pushed email marketing, google AdWords, LinkedIn outreach, and brand awareness campaigns 

Token Planner Marketing Agency

Token Planner Crypto Marketing Agency is a Web 3 marketing agency that specializes in NFT and Crypto projects. With a large variety of services ranging from Contract development to Web 3 paid ads, they have driven many results for their client’s projects.

I was hired to increase the number of inbound leads and consulting calls they received. Within the Web 3 space, leads are low quality, so I provided a pre-qualifying lead process, with lead nurturing to provide high-value prospects Token Planner was able to close with ease.

MxBox Case Study

While working in the Web3 space, I managed marketing for Mxbox which was a web3 utility based NFT driven project that sold out their whole NFT collection in 2 days worth $489,366. I was able to manage this with our team by pushing social media marketing, community driven activities and incentives, constructing a quality offer and pushing brand awareness, and running Web3 Ads.

Ohio Stoic Home Case Study

Ohio Stoic Home is a real estate-driven company that focuses on assisting sellers to reach cash buyers at their agreed-upon property price and assisting Buyers to find quality off-market investment properties quickly before other investors are able to purchase the property.

I assisted Stoic Homes by building a professional and properly functional website that is able to capture and build buyer lists. I also created a 23-page consulting checklist that helped guide their marketing efforts further than what they have seen before.

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